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Scheuermann, Audomar

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Author(s): Geringer, Karl-Theodor
[German Version] (Jul 3, 1908, Nürnberg – May 6, 2000, Munich), theologian and canonist. Scheuermann was ordained to the priesthood in 1932. After earning his Dr.theol., he lectured on canon law at the Franciscan College in Munich from 1936 to 1955 and from 1939 to 1942 at the seminary in Freising as well. From 1947 to 1978 he was professor of procedural and penal canon law (with responsibility for matrimonial and monastic canon law) at the Institute of Canon Law (today the Klaus-Mörsdorf-Studium)…


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Author(s): Geringer, Karl-Theodor
[German Version] , a bishopric headed by an archbishop, who as a rule, is the metropolitan of a province of the church. There are also archbishoprics, however, that do not belong to a province of the church; their bishops are, indeed, archbishops, but not metropolitans. Metropolitan sees are permanently associated with an episcopal see determined by the pope. Karl-Theodor Geringer Bibliography W. Aymans & K. Mörsdorf, KanR II, 1997, 309–312 H. Mussinghoff, LThK 3 III, 1995, 850.

Affectio papalis

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Author(s): Geringer, Karl-Theodor
[German Version] Since the pope possesses immediate and plenary jurisdiction in the church (c. 331 CIC), he may exercise his ius evocandi to reserve to himself any matter of administration (cf. c. 595 § 1) or any judicial case (c. 1405 § 1 n. 4), thus bypassing the person or body to which responsibility for this issue has been delegated. Every member of the faithful is entitled to bring his cause (c. 1417) directly to the pope ( ius reclamandi). The affectio papalis came into existence in the High Middle Ages, especially in law relating to the appo…


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Author(s): Geringer, Karl-Theodor
[English Version] Scheuermann, Audomar (Konrad; 3.7.1908 Nürnberg – 6.5.2000 München), Theologe und Kanonist. 1932 Priesterweihe, Dr. theol., 1936–1955 Dozent für Kirchenrecht an der Franziskaner-Hochschule in München, 1939–1942 auch am Priesterseminar Freising, 1947–1978 Prof. für kanonisches Prozeß- und Strafrecht (ebenfalls zuständig für Ehe- und Ordensrecht) am Kanonistischen Institut (jetzt: Klaus-Mörsdorf-Studium) der Universität München. 1964–1987 Mitglied des Bayerischen Senats, ab 1970 Ers…


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Author(s): Geringer, Karl-Theodor | Petzolt, Martin | Wall, Heinrich de | Mosig, Jörg
[German Version] I. Catholicism – II. Orthodox Church – III. Protestantism– IV. Anglican Church I. Catholicism In the Roman Catholic Church, archbishop is the title of the metropolitan (c. 435) or of the bishop of an archbishopric that belongs to no church province (e.g. Luxembourg, Vaduz); a titular archbishop is a bishop consecrated or designated to the title of a defunct archbishopric (e.g. high officials in the Roman Curia and in the papal diplomatic corps); occasionally the title is bestowed on a meritorious bishop as a mere honorific. Karl-Theodor Geringer Bibliography W. Aymans…