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Hedenius, Ingemar

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Author(s): Herrmann, Eberhard
[German Version] (Apr 5, 1908, Stockholm – Apr 30, 1982, Uppsala) was professor of practical philosophy in Uppsala (1947–1973). After his philosophical education with Axel Hägerström (1868–1939) and Adolf Phalén (1884–1931), Hedenius turned to the philosophers G.E. Moore, B. Russell, and Charlie Dunbar Broad (1887–1971) in Cambridge and to logical positivism, according to which philosophy consists of logical analysis based on formal logic and a scientific understanding of reality (Analytic philosophy). In his 1941 Om rätt och moral [Concerning what is right and moral], H…

Rational Proof

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Author(s): Herrmann, Eberhard
[German Version] Time and again, Christianity has felt compelled to submit its credibility to proof (Existence of God, Proofs of the), in the face of criticism from atheists, and from people who believe in God but distrust revelations together with claims of the uniqueness of Christianity. Recently the need for legitimation has been sharpened by the fact that, in a pluralist society, claims to truth made by the different philosophies are not thought to merit immediate belief (Pluralism). So what r…