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Salvation - Biblical Concept

(1,488 words)

Author(s): Ingrid Maisch
Part of Salvation: 1. Universal Salvific Will 2. Biblical Concept 3. History of Salvation (“Salvation History”) 4. Theology 1 . The Hebrew expressions corresponding to the English word “salvation” show that the ОТ concept of salvation had its roots in concrete experiences and situations. Salva- tion for the psalmist is deliverance from mortal danger, healing in sickness, liberation from captivity, ransom from slavery, help in a law-suit, victory in battle, peace after political negotiations (Ps 7:11; 18:28; 22:22…

Jesus Christ - Biblical

(7,601 words)

Author(s): Ingrid Maisch | Anton Vögtle
Part of Jesus Christ: 1. Biblical 2. Quest of the Historical Jesus 3. Christology 4. History of Dogma and Theology The following may be listed as assured findings of scholarship: a) No doubt is cast on the historical existence of Jesus by any serious scholar. Now that the debates raised by Bauer and Drews about Christ being a myth have died away, there is wide agreement about the historical fact of Jesus. b) The old-style attempt to construct “Lives of Jesus” has failed; even recent books of this kind (e.g., Stauff…