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Kerygma Petrou

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Author(s): Jones, F. Stanley
[German Version] ( Kerygma Petri, Preaching of Peter), pseudonymous early Christian writing known, above all, through a few citations as authoritative by Clement of Alexandria and Origen, who also documents its use by Heracleon. Noteworthy for its designation of Christians as a “third race,” the writing is assigned to early 2nd-century Egypt (Alexandria), in part because of a reference to worship of animals by “the Greeks.” The possible preferential employment of Mark fits with this determination. A li…


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Author(s): Jones, F. Stanley
[German Version] name for ancient Jewish Christians that is first found in Iren. Haer. I 26.2 (᾿Έβιωναῖοι, ebiōnaîoi, Aram. form of a Heb. word meaning “poor”; Ebionitae = ecclesiastical Lat.). The origin of the term cannot be determined with certainty. In view of the religious usage of the term in the ancient Near East, the HB (e.g. Jer 20:13; Ps 86:1), the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (e.g. Pss.Sol. 10:6; 18:2), and the writings from Qumran (e.g. 1QM XI 13, 1QpHab XII 3, 4Q171 II 9), however, the name was probably a religious …


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Author(s): Jones, F. Stanley
[English Version] (Pseudoclementinen). Die P. sind eine bes. Gruppe pseudonymer Schriften, die Clemens I. (Romanus) zugeschrieben und durch einen als Rahmenerzählung angewendeten autobiogr. Wiedererkennungsroman gekennzeichnet sind. Hauptvertreter sind die sog. Homilien (PsClem H) und Rekognitionen (PsClem R), die, wie sich durch die enthaltenen christologischen Aussagen (arianische Streitigkeiten; Arius/Arianismus) feststellen läßt, in Syrien (Antiochien) um etwa 320–325 bzw. 325–330 n.Chr. vf.…

Ebionites, Gospel of the

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Author(s): Jones, F. Stanley
[German Version] Modern designation for a gospel used by the ancient Jewish Christians, from which Epiphanius cites seven excerpts in his presentation of the “Ebionites.” The implied authorship by Matthew ( Haer. XXX 13.3) often leads to the equation of Gos. Eb. with a Gospel of the Twelve Apostles, which is mentioned solely by name in Or. Hom. in Luke 1:1. The assignment of other fragments from Jewish Christian gospels to Gos. Eb. is controversial. H. Waitz ( NTApo, 21924) attributed many sayings of Jesus in the Pseudo-Clementines to Gos. Eb. G. Strecker, in contrast, denied that an…


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Author(s): Jones, F. Stanley
[German Version] are a special group of pseudonymous writings attributed to Clement I of Rome, characterized by the framework of an autobiographical novel of recognitions. The main representatives are the so-called Homilies (PsClem H) and Recognitions (PsClem R), which as the Christological assertions indicate were written during the Arian controversies (Arius) in Syria (Antioch) around 320–325 and 325–330 ce. PsClem H is extant in Greek, whereas PsClem R is largely known only from early translations (Syr. and Lat., 4th cent. and early 5th cent.). Extensive, pa…