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Author(s): Weiß, Peter (Kiel)
[German version] Pisidian town on the north-western bank of the Lake of Burdur/Turkey, remains on the hill of Üveyik Burnu near Karakent [2]. Its (probably Greek) name has been deduced from the ethnicon ΛΥΣΙΝΙΕΩΝ of the coins; the few literary records provide distorted forms. Attested for the first time on the occasion of the campaign of Manlius Vulso (in 189 BC) to whom L. surrendered (Pol. 21,36; Liv. 38,15,8); L. is missing from the Byzantine diocese lists. Meagre coin minting under Septimius Severus [1]. Weiß, Peter (Kiel) Bibliography 1 Aulock 1, 35f., 109f. 2 G. E. Bean, Notes and In…


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Author(s): Weiß, Peter (Kiel)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Theatre (Πεδνηλισσός/ Pednēlissós, Πετνηλισσός/ Petnēlissós). Fortified city in Pisidia west of Selge. With the aid of Achaeus [5] and Garsyeris, P. was able to ward off the attack by Selge in 218 BC (Pol. 5,72-76). Among the more important Pisidian cities mentioned in Str. 12,7,2. Coin minting in the 1st cent. BC and from Traianus (AD 98-117) to Gallienus (AD 253-268) [1]. In the Late Antique and Byzantine Period it was a suffragan diocese of Perge [3]. Ruins near modern Kozan [2. 14f.]. Weiß, Peter (Kiel) Bibliography 1 Aulock…
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