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Sibylline Oracles and Books

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Author(s): Hornauer, Holger | Wandrey, Irina | Bauckham, Richard
[German Version] I. Greco-Roman Sibylline Material The Sibylline oracles of antiquity were oracles ascribed to Sibyl, always in Greek hexameters (Pseudepigraphy); the earliest date from the 5th century bce. Two corpora need to be distinguished: (1) the Sibylline Oracles (Gk οἱ Σιβύλλης χρησμοί/ hoi Sibýllēs chrēsmoí, “the oracles of Sibyl,” or τὰ Σιβύλλεια/ tá Sibýlleia, “the sibylline material”) and οἱ χρησμοὶ Σιβυλλιακοί/ hoi chrēsmoí Sibylliakoí, Lat. oraculaSibyllina), a primarily Judeo-Christian collection (see II and III below); and (2) the Sibylline Boo…

Apocalypse of Peter

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Author(s): Bauckham, Richard
[German Version] (Greek; Apoc. Pet. [Greek]). The Apoc. Pet. (Greek) is an early Christian apocalypse in which Jesus, after his resurrection, reveals the eschatological future to his disciples. Themes include the Antichrist, the resurrection of the dead, the Last Judgment, the punishment of the ungodly in hell and the rewarding of the righteous in paradise. The work ends with an account of …