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Author(s): Nissen, Hans Jörg (Berlin) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
[German version] [1] Tributary of the Ganges (Σάμβος/ Sámbos). Tributary of the Ganges (Arr. Ind. 4,4: Megasthenes), possibly identical to the Sarabus (Ptol. 7,1,29; 2,13) corresponding to the Sarayū (Agoranis). Nissen, Hans Jörg (Berlin) [German version] [2] Indian king, 4th cent. BC (Σάμβος/ Sámbos in Arr.…


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Author(s): Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) | Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart)
(Ἰνδός; Indós). [German version] [1] The Indus The River Indus. Probably from Old Indian Sindhu (for the etymology cf.  India); the Indian name is better attested as Sindus in Plin. HN 6,71, than Σίνθος; Sínthos in Peripl. m.r. 38; 40 and as Σίνδων/Σίνθων; Síndōn/ Sínthōn in Ptol. 7,1,2 (here a branch of the delta). According to general Greek opinion (with the exception of  Megasthenes), the I. is the largest river in India, known to the Greeks since the end of the 6th cent. BC (Scylax in Hdt. 4,44). The lower reaches for instance downstr…


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Author(s): Ameling, Walter (Jena) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
(Ἀγαθόκλεια; Agathókleia). [German version] [1] Mistress of Ptolemy II Mistress of Ptolemy II; her historicity is uncertain. PP 6, 14713; [1]. …


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Author(s): Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) | Miller, Martin (Berlin)
[German version] [1] Port in Gedrosia (Μουσάρνα; Mousárna). Port in Gedrosia, visited by Nearchus [2] (Arr. Ind. 26,10-27,2). He found a pilot here who was able to guide the fleet as far as Carmania. According to Ptol. Geog. 6,8,9, M. was the easternmost settlement of Carmania, west of the Gedrosian frontier. Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) [German version] [2] Settlement at Viterbo The civitas of M. is generally identified with a small, late Etruscan settlement discovered in 1849 on the Poggio della Civita, 10 km west of Viterbo. French excavations undertake…


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Author(s): Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) | Günther, Linda-Marie (Munich)
(Εὔδαμος; Eúdamos). [German version] [1] Macedonian general under Alexander the Gr. Macedonian general ( dux Thracium in Curt. 10,1,21), appointed in 323 BC by Alexander [4] the Great as military commander together with Taxiles (Arr. Anab. 6,27,2). He slew Porus and took 120 elephants west when he followed the call of Eumenes [1] together with other eastern satraps in 317 BC (Diod. Sic. 19,14). He fought under Eumenes and was killed together with him by Antigonus [1] (Diod. Sic. 19,27-44). According to Bernard…


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Author(s): Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) | Baumbach, Manuel (Zürich)
[German version] [1] Indian prince of the Patalii Indian prince of the Patalii at the mouth of the Indus, a companion of Alexander [4] (Curt. 9,8,28). The name M. is said to have been derived from Maurya [1. 25-27], but this is extremely unlikely. India …


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Author(s): Toral-Niehoff, Isabel (Freiburg) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
[English version] [1] Stadt in Südarabien (Νάγαρα μητρόπολις, Ptol.6,7,37; Nagara, Amm. 23,47; πόλις Νεγράνων, Strab. 16,4,24). Städtisches Zentrum im alten Südarabien, h. Naǧrān, im Wādī gleichen Namens befindlich. N. verdankte seine Bed. v.a. der geogr. Lage am Kreuzpunkt der beiden Karawanenstraßen aus dem Hadramaut in das Mittelmeer über den Ḥiǧāẓ und in den Irak über die Yamama. Von Aelius Gallus 24 v.Chr. (Plin. nat. 6,160) erobert, behielt es seine Bed. (Inschr. an-Namara 328 n.Chr.) und erlangte …


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Author(s): Sonnabend, Holger (Stuttgart) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
(Καμάρα). [English version] [1] Hafenort in Ost-Kreta Hafenort in Ost-Kreta, urspr. Lato (Λατὼ πρὸς bzw. ἐπὶ Καμάραι, Ptol. 3,17,5; Hierokles, Synekdemos 650,1), h. Agios Nikolaos. Enge polit. Anbindung an Lato [1. Nr. 72, S. 428]. Sonnabend, Holger (Stuttgart) Bibliography 1 A. Chaniotis, Die Verträg…


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Author(s): Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) | Günther, Linda-Marie (München)
(Εὔδαμος). [English version] [1] Makedonischer General unter Alexander dem Gr. Makedonischer General ( dux Thracium bei Curt. 10,1,21), 323 v.Chr. von Alexandros [4] dem Gr. an die Seite des Taxiles als mil. Befehlshaber gestellt (Arr. an. 6,27,2). Er erschlug Poros und brach…


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Author(s): Thurmann, Stephanie (Kiel) | Lohmann, Hans (Bochum) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
[English version] [1] griech. Personifikation des Auswegs und des Reichtums (Πόρος). Personifikation des Auswegs und des Reichtums. Sohn der Metis. Nach dem Götterfestmahl zu Aphrodites Geburtstag liegt P. berauscht im Zeusgarten; Penia (Armut) nähert sich ihm und wünscht sich ein Kind von ihm. Aus dieser Verbindung geht Eros [1] hervor (Plat. symp. 203b; Lyd. mens. 4,154). Im christl. Kontext (Eus. Pr. Ev. 12,11) steht der Zeusgarten als Sinnbild für das Paradies, Penia für die böse Schlange und P. für den Menschen an sich. Thurmann, Stephanie (Kiel) [English version] [2] Att. Par…


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Author(s): Meier, Mischa (Bielefeld) | Dreyer, Boris (Göttingen) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
(Πανταλέων). [English version] [1] König der Pis…


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Author(s): Badian, Ernst (Cambridge, MA) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) | Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart)
(Ἀμύντας; Amýntas). [German version] [1] Macedonian king (end of 6th cent. BC) First historically verifiable king of Macedonia, friend of the  Peisistratids. Upon Darius' appearance in Europe he became his vassal-satrap and was rewarded with an expansion of his territory and the marriage of his daughter to a member of the  Achaemenids. His son  Alexander [2] invented a novelistic history (Hdt. 5,17 ff.), in order to make this credible for the Greeks.…


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Author(s): Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki) | Baumbach, Manuel (Zürich)
(Τήλεφος /Tḗlephos). [German version] [1] Son of Heracles and Auge Son of Heracles [1] and Auge [2] (Hes. fr. 165,8-10 M./W.). There are two legendary versions of his youth. According to one version (probably in essence epic, but also assumed by Euripides [1] in his


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Author(s): Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) | Stanzel, Karl-Heinz (Tübingen) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
(Πολύξενος/ Polýxenos, 'he who has many guests'). [German version] [1] Sobriquet for Hades Poetic epithet for the god of the underworld (Hades, Pluto): Aesch. Supp. 156 f. etc. (cf. Polydectes [2]). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [German version] [2] Mythical king of Elis Mythical king of Elis; holds in safekeeping the cattle stolen from Electryon; Amphitryon releases them and receives Electryon's daughter Alcmene in return (Apollod. 2,55 f.; Schol. Lycoph. 932). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [German version] [3] Mythical king of Elis Mythical king of Elis, grandson of Augeias; suitor of Helena [1] (Apollod. 1,130); in the Trojan War, commander of 40 ships of the Epeians (together with Amphimachus [2], Diores [1] and Thalpius: Hom. Il. 2,615-624). In the Telegony, Odysseus visits P. and receives a krátēr with the images of Trophonius, Agamedes and Augeias (Procl. Cyclicorum enarrationes 309-312 Severyns; cf. Hom. Od. 14,100; 20,209; 23,355). His son's name is Amphimachus (Paus. 5,3,4). P. dies in Elis (Ps.-Aristot. Peplos 36). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [German version] [4] Son of Jason and Medeia Son of Jason (Iason [1]) and Medea (Paus. 2,3,8); his name is also given as Medeus (Hes. Theog. 1000 f.; Paus. 2,3,9 after Cinaethon) or Medus (Apollod. 1,147; Hyg. Fab. 27); sometimes his father is also given as Aegeus (so Hyg. l.c.). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [German version] [5] Platonic philosopher, 4th cent. BC Philosopher of the circle of Plato [1]; sometimes also reckoned in the Megarian tradition (Megarian School) as he is described in Plato's 13th epistle as


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Author(s): Meier, Mischa (Bielefeld) | Dreyer, Boris (Göttingen) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
(Πανταλέων/ Pantaléōn). [German version] [1] King of the Pisates, middle of the 7th cent. BC Son of Omphalion, king of the Pisates (middle of the 7th cent. BC); P.'s rule may have been perceived as tyranny already in his own lifetime (cf. Paus. 6,21,1). He temporarily wrested the organisation of the Olympic Games from the Eleians (Olympia IV.; Paus. 6,22,2) [1. 220f.]. His support of the Messenians in the second of the Messenian Wars (Str. 8,4,10) is a later invention [2. 153f.]. Meier, Mischa (Bielefeld) Bibliography 1 L. de Libero, Die archaische Tyrannis, 1996 2 K. Tausend, Amphikty…


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Author(s): Manganaro, Giacomo (Sant' Agata li Battiata) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
(Ἀκεσίνης; Akesínēs). [German version] [1] River in Sicily River in  Sicily (Thuc. 4,25,8 Ἀχεσίνης; Achesínēs, Plin. HN 3,88 Asines), the modern Alcantara, which rises north of Randazzo, runs along the northern foot of Mount  Aetna [1] [2. 137], and flows, south of  …


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Author(s): Hidber, Thomas (Berne) | Nutton, Vivian (London) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
[German version] [1] Attic poet of the Old Comedy Attic poet of the Old Comedy, who according to the witness of Suda wrote five pieces (Δαλίς, Δανάη, Ἰφιγέπων, Κένταυροι, Κρῆτες; Dalís, Danáē, Iphigépōn, Kéntauroi, Krêtes; 1. test. 1), all of which are lost, except for a few remnants. On the inscription list of the Lenaean victors A. figures between Nicophon and Amipsias [1. test. 3]. Hidber, Thomas (Berne) Bibliography 1 PCG II, 1991, 518-523. [German version] [2] Personal physician of Antiochos III Son of A. of Seleucia, personal physician ( archiatros) and tropheus of Antiochus III;…


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Author(s): Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) | Stanzel, Karl-Heinz (Tübingen) | Karttunen, Klaus (Helsinki)
(Πολύξενος, “der Gästereiche”). [English version] [1] Beiname des Hades Dichterisches Beiwort des Gottes der Unterwelt (Hades, Pluton): Aischyl. Suppl. 156 f. etc. (vgl. Polydektes [2]). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [English version] [2] myth. König von Elis Mythischer König von Elis; verwahrt die dem Elektryon geraubten Rinder; Amphitryon löst sie aus und erhält dafür Elektryons Tochter Alkmene (Apollod. 2,55 f.; schol. Lykophr. 932). Käppel, Lutz (Kiel) [English version] [3] myth. König von Elis Mythischer König von Elis, Enkel des Augeias; Freier der Helene [1] (Apollod.…
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