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Author(s): Muminov, Ashirbek
Arslān-bāb was, according to local traditions, the teacher of Khwāja Aḥmad al-Yasawī (d. 562/1166–7), the legendary founder of the Yasawiyya Ṣūfī brotherhood in Central Asia. He is usually claimed to have been an exceptionally long-lived companion of the prophet Muḥammad, under the name of either Salmān al-Fārisī or Muḥammad b. Nisṭūr al-Rūmī; in modern khwāja genealogies, he appears as a close relative of Aḥmad al-Yasawī himself ( khwājas are the masters of Central Asian kinship groups that are regarded as familial communities distinguished by genealogically-m…
Date: 2019-11-11


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Author(s): Muminov, Ashirbek | Karlybaev, Makset
Allāh-Naẓar Khwūsh Naẓar uly (d. 1991) was a Ḥanafī scholar, an ākhūnd (teacher of higher Islamic learning), and a Ṣūfī of the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya brotherhood. He was born between 1904 and 1907, near Naupyr (Nawpīr), on the lower Amu Darya, in Qaraqalpaqstan (Qāraqalbāqistān), in present-day Uzbekistan, and was known locally as Allāh-Naẓar Qos Nazarov. (The Naqshbandiyya was founded in Bukhārā, by Bahāʾ al-Dīn Naqshband, d. 791/1389, and is now widespread; its Mujaddidī current was initiated by the …
Date: 2019-11-11

Inner Asia

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Author(s): Kollmar-Paulenz, Karénina | Muminov, Ashirbek | Kügelgen, Anke v.
[German Version] I. Pre-Islamic Period – II. Islam I. Pre-Islamic Period 1. Geopolitical ambiguity, conception, and definition The concept of “Inner Asia” is both historically and geographically unclear. It is usually understood to mean the territories between Iran in the west and the Chinese border in the east (China), while giving way to the Siberian taiga in the north and abutting to the Himalayas in the south. It includes areas in the modern states of Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India, northeastern Ira…

Zentralasien, religiongsgeschichtlich

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Author(s): Kollmar-Paulenz, Karénina | Muminov, Ashirbek | Kügelgen, Anke v.
[English Version] I. Vorislamisch 1.Geopolitische Problematik, Begriff und Vorstellung Sowohl hist. wie auch geographisch ist der Begriff Z. unklar. Unter »Z.« wird i. allg. das Gebiet zw. Iran im Westen bis zur chinesischen Grenze im Osten (China) verstanden, während es im Norden in die sibirische Taiga übergeht und im Süden vom Himalaya begrenzt wird. Es umfaßt Gebiete in den heutigen Staaten Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nordindien (Indien), in Nordost-Iran, der Mongolei, den ehem. sowjetischen zentralasia…