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Author(s): Parra, Maria Cecilia (Pisa)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Socii (Roman confederation) | Punic Wars Town at the confluence of the  Crathis and the Basentus (Plin. HN 3,72), modern Cosenza. From its strategically favoured position C. controlled the routes to Sybaris and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The earliest date is given by Strabo (6,1,5), who mentions C. as the metropolis of the Bruttian League (founded in 356 BC), but a small number of bronze oboli bearing the legend KOS (or KWS), traditionally dated to 400-356 …


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Author(s): Parra, Maria Cecilia (Pisa) | Lafond, Yves (Bochum) | Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart) | Meyer, Ernst (Zürich)
(Κρᾶθις; Krâthis). [German version] [3] River in Bruttium that rises near  Consentia and flows into the sea near Thurii, today known as Crati. Legend held that its water could be used to dye the hair of people and animals blond (Eur. Tro. 228; Ael. NA 12,36; Aristot. Mir. 169). The valley of C. formed the main connection between inner Bruttium and the plains of  Sybaris. The river received its name from Achaean colonists after the name of a river in their homeland (Hdt. 1,145); according to other sou…