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Mary, Veneration of

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Author(s): Petri, Heinrich | Thöle, Reinhard | Merz, Birgit
[German Version] I. Catholicism – II. Orthodox – III. Protestantism I. Catholicism In the Catholic Church veneration of the Mother of Jesus has always played a special role. One can distinguish between the praise of Mary (Mary, Mother of Jesus), and calling on her for help and intercession with God and his Son. Veneration of Mary is an expression of the piety of the believing people, and a reflection of belief in Mary's function in the divine work of salvation. Conditions of religious psychology and paga…

May Devotion

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Author(s): Petri, Heinrich
[German Version] The custom of daily or frequent devotions to Mary in the month of May, dedicated to her, spread from Italy into the whole Catholic world from the 18th century onward. Around the middle of the 19th century, there were May devotions in almost all German dioceses. They developed into one of the most beloved forms of popular veneration of Mary (Mary, Veneration of) and were also promoted by popes and bishops. Precursors were already evident in the Middle Ages. The connecting of Mary w…


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Author(s): Petri, Heinrich
[German Version] Fatima is a Marian pilgrimage site in Portugal, where Mary appeared to the children Lucia dos Santos, Francisco Marto, and his sister Jacinta between May and October 1917. In her appearance, she called for penance, the rosary prayer, and atonement communion, and also asked that the world and Russia be consecrated to her immaculate heart (Sacred Heart of Mary). This consecration was carried out in 1942 by Pius XII and in 1981 by John Paul II. The bishop of Leiria confirmed the even…

Sacred Heart of Mary

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Author(s): Petri, Heinrich
[German Version] The “heart” is the innermost core of a person; the Sacred Heart of Mary symbolizes the holiness of the Mother of God (Mary, mother of Jesus), her love of God and her Son, and her maternal solicitude for us. Devotion to the Heart of Mary goes back to the Middle Ages (Mysticism: III, 3.b). Since the 17th century (Jean Eude, 1601–1680), there were efforts to justify liturgical devotion to the Heart of Mary theologically and gain official recognition for it. It has been permitted by R…

Mary, Devotion to

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Author(s): Petri, Heinrich | Beattie, Tina | Kassel, Maria | Cano, Eduardo
1. General Devotion to Mary plays an important role in the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic ¶ Church. To be distinguished from praise of Mary is the appeal for her intercession before God in every need. Devotion to Mary originated in the spontaneous piety of believers (Popular Religion), although pagan influences (Syncretism) and psychological factors (Psychology of Religion) probably helped to generate and shape it. An important influence has been a changing perception of Mary’s role in obtaining divine blessings, including those of salvation. 1.1. History Elements of devot…