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Lindgren, Astrid

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Author(s): Sander, Ulrike-Christine
[German Version] (Nov 14, 1907, Vimmerby, southern Sweden – Jan 28, 2002, Stockholm) was a Swedish author of children's books who attained international fame (trans. in 76 languages) and was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in 1978. The transnational and transcultural impact of Astrid Lingren has to do with the fact that her books address elementary, universal, and timeless feelings as also expressed in fairy tales, myths (Myth/Mythology), or in biblical contexts. Individual proces…


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Author(s): Sander, Ulrike-Christine
[English Version] Vondel, Joost van den (17.11.1587 Köln – 5.2.1679 Amsterdam), einer der bedeutendsten niederländischen…

Vondel, Joost van den

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Author(s): Sander, Ulrike-Christine
[German Version] (Nov 17, 1587, Cologne – Feb 2, 1679, Amsterdam), one of the most important Netherlands writers, and the principal literary representative of Netherlands Baroque.He wrote poems, satires and dramas for religious liberty and tolerance. Following the example of medieval mystery plays, the pattern of classical authors (first Virgil and Seneca, later Euripides and Sophocles), and under the influence of Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas (1544–1590) and H. Grotius, he took as the theme of …

Lagerlöf, Selma Ottilia Lovisa

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Author(s): Sander, Ulrike-Christine
[German Version] (Nov 20, 1858, Mårbacka estate, Värmland – Mar 16, 1940, Mårbacka), Swedish author and Nobel laureate (1909). Her very first novel, Gösta Berlings saga (1891; ET: The Story of Gösta Berling, 1898), in neo-Romantic style, attracted national and international attention. The initial misestimation of her as a “naïve” author drawing unconsciously on oral tradition soon yielded to the realization that she was employing an advanced, artistically mature, architectonically detailed narrative technique (intertextuality,…