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Antiquarianism (Humanism until 1800)

(6,902 words)

Author(s): Walther, Gerrit (Frankfurt/Main RWG)
Walther, Gerrit (Frankfurt/Main RWG) [German version] A. Concept, Content and Form (CT) During the period covered here, antiquities antiquitates, antiquités, ‘Antiquitäten’, ‘Alterthümer’ were understood as the totality of written documentation or material remains (such as coins, monuments, objects of art and everyday items) that might provide information about the daily conditions, customs, practices, cults, institutions, in short the culture, of an ancient people. An antiquarius was an authority, a collector and archivist of such documents and fragments. A…


(15,989 words)

Author(s): Harth, Dietrich (Heidelberg RWG) | Davies, John K. (Liverpool RWG) | Walther, Gerrit (Frankfurt/Main RWG) | Demandt, Alexander (Berlin RWG)
Harth, Dietrich (Heidelberg RWG) I. General (CT) [German version] A. Introduction (CT) History and historiography are terms that can be used in a variety of ways. Not only are they frequently used synonymously, but depending on the context they refer to such different activities as the study of the past and the presentation of research results. This difference is reflected in the words historíēs apódexis, with which Herodotus began his accounts. In Herodotus' usage, the Greek noun historíē, which still defines 'historical knowledge' as distinct from other types of knowledge, refers to the process of exploration and investigation, while the noun apódexis is used for the (written or oral) presentation of one's findings. Even a strictly academic definition of these terms still implies the ancient distinction between res gestae, as actions that have taken place (i.e.…