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Women and Men

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Author(s): Bird, Phyllis | Wischmeyer, Oda | Wannenwetsch, Bernd | Kuhlmann, Helga
[German Version] I. Old Testament The Genesis creation accounts present humankind (םדָאָ/ ʾādām) as irreducibly male-and-female (Gen 1:26f.; 5:1–2). But they also recount the subordination of woman to man and introduce an account of origins borne by male lineages and male actors (Gen 2–3; 5:1,3ff.). The story of the “Fall” (Gen 3) “explains” and universalizes the patriarchal social order of the author’s day: the disobedience of the primal pair has disrupted their original and intended relationship, so that the woman is now subject to the man’s rule. Patriarchal culture and andocentric texts have served to exclude or conceal references to women in much of the Old Testament (Women: II). Consequently, when terms for women and men appear side by side – always in the order man-woman – they serve to emphasize or clarify that women as well as men are intended. Thus Num 5:6 modifies the standard legal formula, “When a man (שׁיאִ/ʾîš) does X” (Exod 21:33; Lev 27:2, a.o.) by specifying “man …


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Author(s): Heller, Birgit | Bird, Phyllis A. | Wischmeyer, Oda | Ehrenschwendtner, Marie-Luise | Albrecht, Ruth | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies