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Church Discipline

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Author(s): Friedeburg, Robert v. | Sichelschmidt, Karla | Link, Christian | Jongeneel, Jan A.B.
[German Version] I. History – II. Church Law – III. Dogmatics – IV. Ethics – V. Missiology I. History 1. Antiquity and Middle Ages Because the faithful are supposed to “lead a life worthy of God” (1 Thess 2:12), the question of the ordering of the earthly Christian life and of the admonition of sinners has remained an object of active reflection since the founding of the first churches. Whereas admonition and invitation to repentance are initially the responsibility of the congregations (Matt 18:5–18), banishment and the carrying out of excommunicatio minor and maior (Excommunicati…


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Author(s): Friedeburg, Robert v.
Friedeburg, Robert v. [German version] A. Introduction (CT) The concept of tyranny allows the denunciation of particular ruling practices in favour of a supposedly better political order. In Antiquity, the favoured order was the autonomous polity of citizens. After the fall of these pagan citizen states, the reception of the term tyrannis in the monarchies of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period signaled demands addressed to the constitution of the political order that were in a relation of tension with Christian doctrines of original sin…


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Author(s): Friedeburg, Robert v.
Friedeburg, Robert v. [English version] A. Einleitung (RWG) Der Begriff T. erlaubt die Denunziation bestimmter Herrschaftspraktiken zugunsten einer vermeintlich besseren polit. Ordnung. Diese Ordnung war in der Ant. das Gemeinwesen der Bürger, die sich selbst regierten. Nach dem Untergang dieser heidnischen Bürgerstaaten signalisiert die Rezeption des T.-Begriffs in den Monarchien des MA und der Frühen Neuzeit Anforderungen an die Beschaffenheit der polit. Ordnung, die mit der christl. Lehre von der Er…