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Author(s): Hilberath, Bernd Jochen
[German Version] I. History – II. Ecclesiology I. History Intercommunion refers to forms of fellowship in the Eucharist or the Lord's Supper, to communion between churches or ecclesial communities. In the full sense, it ¶ encompasses pulpit and altar fellowship (that is, also intercelebration); such a fellowship exists since 1973 between the churches affiliated on the basis of the Leuenberg Concord, and already since 1931 between Anglicans and Old Catholics. Limited forms of intercommunion are the general opening of celebration…


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Author(s): Domaschke, Franz | Hilberath, Bernd Jochen
[German Version] 1. Hugo (May 3, 1900, Pfullendorf, Baden – Dec 21, 1968, Munich), theologian, historian, and humanist; brother of Karl. In 1919 he became a Jesuit; he studied theology in Valkenburg (the Netherlands) and Innsbruck, earning his doctorate in 1931. From 1931 to 1934 he studied history in Bonn with F.J. Dölger and ¶ Wilhelm Levison. In 1935 he received his Dr.Phil. and gained his habilitation in Innsbruck in patrology, Early Church history, and the history of dogma. After appointment as full professor in 1937, he spent the years from 19…


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Author(s): Domaschke, Franz | Hilberath, Bernd Jochen
[English Version] 1.Hugo , (3.5.1900 Pfullendorf, Baden – 21.12.1968 München), Theologe, Historiker, Humanist; Bruder von 2. 1919 Eintritt in die Gesellschaft Jesu (SJ), Studium der Philos. und Theol. in Valkenburg (Holland) und Innsbruck, 1931 Dr. theol., 1931–1934 Studium der Gesch. in Bonn bei F.J. Dölger und Wilhelm Levison, 1935 Dr. phil. und Habil. in Innsbruck für Patrologie, Kirchengesch. des Altertums und Dogmengesch., seit 1937 o. Prof., 1938–1945 Exil (Schweiz), 1945–1963 Ordinarius in …


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Author(s): Holzem, Andreas | Hilberath, Bernd Jochen | Slenczka, Notger
[German Version] I. Catholicism 1. History. Traditionalism in the broader sense does not correlate clearly with Christianity or any denomination. A tendency to invest long-standing tradition as a whole or particular authorities within a body of religious tradition with special dignity and binding force appears primarily in the context of attempts to deal with acute crises of belief and practice by maintaining a firm hold on the past. Catholic traditionalism in the narrower sense was therefore a 19th-…


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Author(s): Holzem, Andreas | Hilberath, Bernd Jochen | Slenczka, Notger
[English Version] I. Katholisch 1.Historisch. T. in einem weiteren Sinne läßt sich weder dem Christentum noch einer seiner Konfessionen eindeutig zuordnen. Die Haltung, dem Überkommenen insg. oder bestimmten Autoritäten des rel. Überlieferungsgutes bes. Dignität und Bindungswirkung zuzuschreiben, findet sich v.a. dort, wo akute Krisen der Orientierung und Praxis durch dezidierten Rückgriff zu bewältigen versucht werden. Der kath. T. im engeren Sinne ist daher als Phänomen des 19.Jh. eine Antwort au…