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Kingdom of God, expectation of

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Author(s): Kuhn, Thomas Konrad
1. GeneralThe early modern expectation of God’s kingdom (or God’s reign) is not a central theme of historical theology but rather of the history of piety and popular religion; only occasionally did it play a formative role in shaping theological concepts. The distinction between academic theological or philosophical reflection on the concept of the kingdom of God (e.g. in German Idealism) and imminent expectation of the kingdom of God with its consequences for popular theology and practical piety…
Date: 2019-03-20


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Author(s): Kuhn, Thomas Konrad | Tamcke, Martin
1. Concept 1.1. AsceticismAsceticism is a “fundamental concept of European cultural history”, [18] whose use in the Modern Period can scarcely be said to make sense without a knowledge of its history in Antiquity and the Early Medieval Period. The term goes back to the Greek verb askeín (“to practise something”); the “practice” (Gr. áskesis) referred to was frequently defined in terms of method, and related to physical (e.g. sportive or military) as well as, by extrapolation, intellectual and moral areas of life (such as philosophy and virtue). S…
Date: 2019-03-20