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Ehrhard, Albert Joseph Maria

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Author(s): Landersdorfer, Anton
[German Version] (Mar 14, 1862, Herbitzheim, Alsace – Sep 23, 1940, Bonn), significant Catholic church historian, Byzantine scholar, and hagiographer. After studying in Strasbourg and Münster, he was ordained a priest in 1885 and in 1888 attained his theological doctorate in Würzburg. In 1889 became professor in Strasbourg (seminary), in 1892 professor of church history in Würzbu…

Los-von-Rom-Bewegung (Free-from-Rome Movement)

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Author(s): Landersdorfer, Anton
[German Version] The Los-von-Rom-Bewegung was a movement within the Habsburg territories between 1897 and 1918 that encouraged people to leave the Catholic Church and to join the Protestant and Old Catholic Churches (Old Catholics). Its primary goals were to Protestantize Austrian Catholics and incorporate the German-speaking regions of Austria into the German Empire. It was triggered by a decree of Prime Minister Kasimir Felix Badeni recognizing Czech as an administrative language in Bohemia and M…

Dunin, Martin von

(168 words)

Author(s): Landersdorfer, Anton
[German Version] (Nov 11, 1774, Wal near Rawa, Masovia – Dec 26, 1842, Posen). After studying in Warsaw and Rome, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1797; in 1808, he was cathedral capitular in Gnesen, and in 1824 in Posen. Elected archbishop of Gnesen-Posen in 1830, he was consecrated in 1831. Coming into conflict with Oberpräsident Eduard v. Flottwell for his inflexibility in the dispute over mixed marriages (Prussian Church Dispute), he was relieved of his office in 1839. Ar…

Konrad von Parzham

(171 words)

Author(s): Landersdorfer, Anton
[German Version] (Johann Evangelist Birndorfer; Dec 22, 1818, Parzham, near Griesbach, Lower Bavaria – Apr 21, 1894, Altötting), OFMCap. After working on his inherited farm, in 1848 Konrad joined the Capuchins in Altötting as a lay brother. After taking final vows (Profession) in 1852, he served for 41 years as porter in the monastery of Sankt Anna. He combined tireless prayer with active love for innumerable visitors seeking help and counsel. His mystical piety focused primarily on Christ (the Eu…

Daniélou, Jean

(189 words)

Author(s): Landersdorfer, Anton
[German Version] (May 14, 1905, Neuilly-sur-Seine – May 20, 1974, Paris) was a French Jesuit (since 1929) and cardinal (since 1969). After studies in Jersey and Lyon-Fourvière, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1938, received the Dr. theol. in 1943 and was professor of early Christian literature and history at the Institut Catholique in Paris (until 1969). He edited the Etudes for many years, and contributed to sparking off the controversy over the “nouvelle théologie” with his article “Les …