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Author(s): Stausberg, Michael | Cancik, Hubert | Seidl, Theodor | Kollmann, Bernd | Schneider-Ludorff, Gury | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies As with many animals, purification is a basic area of human behavior. Mutual purifying implies and generates expectations, trust, solidarity, and hierarchy. Religious act…

Pure and Impure

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Author(s): Stausberg, Michael | Seidl, Theodor | Kollmann, Bernd | Schneider-Ludorff, Gury | Wandrey, Irina | Et al.
[German Version] I. Comparative Religion In differentiated religious systems or cultures, the categories of clean and unclean, or purity and impurity, represent a key classificatory-communicative distinction which determines the course of inner boundaries (e.g. those between clergy and laity or women and men) and outer boundaries (e.g. between believers and “pagans,” in-group/out-group). It enjoys particular plausibility in the context of dualistic models such as Zoroastrianism,…

Meals, Cultic

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Author(s): Seidl, Theodor
[German Version] The expression “cultic meals” denotes solemn eating and drinking (Eating/Drinking), as opposed to everyday satisfaction of the appetite. In cultic meals, table fellowship establishes a link with the divinity ( convivium) or participation in it ( communio, theophagy), and thereby a share in the divine life force. Cultic meals take place at fixed times and in special places, according to fixed rules (Rite and ritual), supported by a cultic community. Cultic meals are often connected with sacrifices that offer food to the divinity.…


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Author(s): Pezzoli-Olgiati, Daria | Cancik, Hubert | Seidl, Theodor | Schnelle, Udo | Bienert, Wolfgang A. | Et al.
[German Version] (Biblical Scholarship, Hermeneutics, Interpretation) I. Religious Studies – II. History of Religions – III. Greco Roman Antiquity – IV. Bible – V. Church History – VI. Practical Theology – VII. Biblical Scenes in Art – VIII. Judaism – IX. Islam I. Religious Studies Exegesis (for etymology see III below) is the explanation, interpretation, or analysis of sacred or otherwise religiously central documents by experts; it enables and encourages the access of a particular religious community to its sacred scriptures through restatement, commentary, or other types of interpretation. From the…