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Brazen Serpent

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Author(s): Zwickel, Wolfgang
[German Version] The bronze serpent affixed to a pole (Heb. נְחַשׁ נְחשֶׁת / nĕḥaš nĕḍōšet; Num 21:6–9) was to enable the survival of all those who viewed it after being bitten by a venomous snake (cf. also Wis 16:5–14 as well as neighboring analogous incantations and prayers from the cultural environment for use after a snake bite, e.g. KTU 1.100; 1.107; TUAT II, 210, 373; Iraq 18, 1956, 60–67). In 2 Kgs 18:4 the brazen serpent has the name נְחֻשְׁתָּן/ nĕḥušĕttān (a conflation of נָחָשׁ/ nāḥāš “snake” and נְחשֶׁח/ nĕḥōšet “copper, bronze” with the afformative -ān for …

Wright, George Ernest

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Author(s): Zwickel, Wolfgang
[German Version] (Sep 5, 1909, Zanesville, OH – Aug 29, 1974, Jaffrey, NH). After earning his Ph.D. in 1937, Wright taught at McCormick Seminary in Chicago from 1939 to 1958, first as instructor in Old Testament, then as professor of OT history and theology. From 1958 to 1974 he occupied a chair at Harvard Divinity School; from 1961 he also served as curator of the Harvard Semitic Museum. After his teacher W.F. Albright, Wright was the leading exponent of a positivist “biblical archaeology” in the…


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Author(s): Zwickel, Wolfgang
[English Version] Vaux, Roland de (17.12.1903 Paris – 10.9.1971 Jerusalem), 1929 Beitritt zum Dominikanerorden, seit 1934 Prof. für Gesch. und Archäologie sowie von 1945–1965 Direktor der École Biblique et Archéologique Française in Jerusalem, 1938–1953 Hg. der RB. Seit 1933 wandte er sich zuerst orientalistischen, dann exegetischen und archäologischen Fragen zu. Hervorzuheben sind seine Mitherausgeberschaft an der Jerusalemer Bibel, sein Werk »Les institutions de l'ancien testament« (2 Bde., 1958–1…


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Author(s): Zwickel, Wolfgang
[English Version] , George Ernest (5.9.1909 Zanesville, OH – 29.8.1974 Jaffrey, NH). Ph.D. 1937, 1939–1958 zunächst Instructor in Old Testament, dann Prof. für Old Testament History and Theology am McCormick Seminary Chicago, 1958–1974 Chair of Divinity in Harvard, 1961–1974 zudem Curator am dortigen Semitic Museum. W. war im Gefolge seines Lehrers W.F. Albright der führende Vertreter einer positivistisch ausgerichteten »Biblical Archaeology« in den USA. Erste Grabungserfahrungen sammelte er in Beth…

Vaux, Roland de

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Author(s): Zwickel, Wolfgang
[German Version] (Nov 17, 1903, Paris – Sep 10, 1971, Jerusalem), entered the Dominican order in 1929, and became professor of history and archaeology (1934) and director of the École Biblique et Archéologique Française in Jerusalem (1945–1965). He edited the Revue Biblique from 1938 to 1953. From 1933, he turned first to orientalist, then to exegetical and archaeological questions. Special mention should be made of his co-editorship of the Jerusalem Bible, his work Les institutions de l’Ancien Testament (2 vols., 1958–1960; ET: Ancient Israel: Its Life and Institutions, 1961), an…