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Author(s): Schenkel, Wolfgang | Weintritt, Otfried | Assmann, Jan | Bergman, Jan | Modrzejewski, Joseph Mélèze | Et al.
[German Version] I. General – II. History and Society – III. Religion and Culture I. General 1. Name/Designations In Egyptian-Coptic, Egypt is “the black (i.e. land)” (Egyptian *Kū́mut, Coptic Kēme, etc.) after the dark soil, in Semitic languages, generally, Miṣr-, etc., in Hebrew also מָצוֹר / Māṣôr (“border,” i.e. “borderland”?), in Greek after a sanctuary of the god Ptah as a designation for the old capital city Memphis, Aígyptos, i.e. Aígupto-s (in contemporary Egyptian perhaps *Hekoptáḥ). 2. Geography The central area of the country is the river oasis of the lowe…


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Author(s): Bergman, Jan
[German Version] In religious studies androgyny (bisexuality: Gk ἀνήρ, ἀνδρός/ anḗr, andrós, “male,” and γυνή/ gynḗ, “female”) is a frequent phenomenon in religious studies. In the case of deities, it can highlight an ontological status; but it can also manifest itself in various gradations in a dynamic process. In this case, we find cultic transsexualism and transvest…