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Mission Statistics

(329 words)

Author(s): Barrett, David B.
[German Version] The term mission statistics covers the systematic collection and compilation of diagrams, data, and statistics to describe the course of the Christian missionary process throughout the world over specific time periods and in specific areas. Statistical data from the mission field have been collected, described, and evaluated throughout the 20 centuries of Christian history, as we can see, for example, from the works of Augustine of Hippo and Isidore of Seville (600 ce). The Old Testament already contains usable surveys and statistical data. The New Te…

Chown, Samuel Dwight

(174 words)

Author(s): Marshall, David B.
[German Version] (Apr 11, 1853, Kingston, Canada West – Jan 30, 1933, Toronto, Ontario) was ordained in 1879 in the Methodist Church of Canada. During the First World War, Chown was the driving force in the initiative to recruit Methodists in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. After the war he led the Methodist church to form the United Church of Canada. Chown was influenced by modern biblical criticism. Accepting the notion of progressive revelation, he accepted that …

Parker, Theodore

(128 words)

Author(s): Chesebrough, David B.
[German Version] (Aug 24, 1810, Lexington, MA – May 10, 1860, Florence), Unitarian theologian and preacher. Greatly influenced by transcendentalism (III), he developed a theology based upon intuition, according to which authority and truth had their ultimate sources not in the church nor in the Bible, but in conscience, which Parker often labeled as the voice of God or higher law. Most Unitarians in his time considered him heretical, but Parker’s thoughts mark the emancipation of Unitarianism from…